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Database development and normalization

We are able to create database from the very beginning and normalize data according to general principles of database integrity. DB-Convert team has a solid experience in database design and in database management projects building.

Database modelling

Our specialists provide any database constructing services including database modelling and structure refinement. In case you need to migrate user defined data types from one DBMS to another which are more relevant to the specific data characteristics we can do it manually. We can modify your existing data, remove unnecessary duplications, increase the overall performance speed of your current database system, delivering state-of-the-art protection for your data and map database elements exactly the way you want them.

Programming service

Providing original ideas for creating database interactive GUI (front end), our team performs professional database programming for client applications. Also we can realize remote data access, security and encryption, user management, data reporting features, any server side scripting to programs.